4 Easy Beach Workouts that Build End-of-Summer Strength

Who says the only way to get in shape is to hit the gym? Not us! The beach is the perfect summer workout location that will have you feeling the right kind of burn. Apart from the breathtaking views, sand adds resistance to any exercise to give your muscles an extra challenge. We’ve rounded up 4 summer beach workout moves that will leave you looking toned and ready to show off that summer beach-body before we hit fall. 

Beach Workout #1--Crab Walk

Talk about blending into your environment! The crab walk beach workout move is perfect for building your bicep and tricep muscles while also improving coordination. Begin seated, keeping both knees bent, and place your hands on the sand under your shoulders. Lift your hips off the ground as high as possible and pull through your hamstrings, pushing with your upper body. Crab walk 20 steps (more or less depending on your difficulty level). Take quick small steps to avoid overexertion. 

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Beach Workout #2--Surfer Get-Ups

If you’re looking to tighten your core, this is the workout move for you. Starting on the ground with your hands under your shoulders and your abdomen touching the sand, push up from the ground landing in a surfer stance. Your right leg should land in front with the left in back.

Pro Tip: Stop here with your feet planted firmly into the sand and rotate your upper body back and forth, making sure to breathe, but at the same time tightening your ab muscles. This super simple move does wonders for your core.

Now, return to your original position and repeat this workout move, but switch your right and left legs. Squeeze those glutes, get low and again, engage your core. Now all you need is a surfboard and you’re ready to ride the waves!

Beach Workout Group

Beach Workout #3--Sand Dune Sprints 

Hill sprints are tough, but sprinting up steep sand dunes will take your beach workout to another level. The incline allows for increased stride length as you power through to the top while the constantly shifting sand creates traction, requiring strength and balance. Your legs will be quivering by the time you finish this beach workout move--a telltale sign that you’re really pushing hard.

Beach Workout #4--Ice Skaters

Ice skating on the beach? This beach workout move makes total sense once you try it. Use this workout to build leg muscles and test your balance in the sand. Beginning with your knees bent, take the first step angled forward (left leg), not letting your back (right) leg touch the sand.

Pro Tip: Keep your weight in the right hip to start, make sure your knees line up behind your toes and push forward. You should feel a pull as you stretch your back right calf muscle.

Woman Doing Yoga Pose in Black Workout Leggings

Now, let your left arm follow forward with your right leg to propel your whole body as your right arm pushes back. Your right arm will then follow forward with your left leg as your left arm pushes back. As you move, shift your weight off the right hip and onto the left. “Skate” 20 steps forward and return back to your starting point.

The uneven sand not only forces your muscles to work harder, but because of its soft texture, you avoid unwanted stress and impact on your joints.

How’s that for a super simple, yet high intensity workout?

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