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Our beliefs run deep - if you pay attention to women's core values; what makes us feel nurtured, beautiful, valued and heard - it's a natural progression to craft an exceptional activewear product that can speak to all women regardless of age, shape, or life stage.
Our name encompasses our vision of the modern women's active lifestyle.
We design our workout clothing for multi-function, on-the-go, day to night activity
with a strong focus on Eco-conscious and ethical manufacturing practices.
We believe in protecting mother Earth, saving water and reducing our carbon footprint at every stage. Our goal is to be more sustainable everyday in every way, because it's all the little things we do that adds up when it comes to leaving a smaller carbon footprint. For us, it's driving hybrid cars, recycling our bags and boxes, our leading edge dye house that uses 33% less water, state of the art cutting that saves fabric and premium fabric that is durable and long lasting.
The American Fitness Couture Creed | All Women are Strong and Beautiful
American Fitness Couture | Ethically Made in the USA
With roots sown in Los Angeles, we value our role as an all-American
made workout wear brand. We support ethical manufacturing (sweatshop free always),
fair trade, employee-valued structuring, and fair wages. We want our clothing to bring value to the lives of those who wear it and those who make it.
 Activewear Clothing made with good intentions feels good.
We work closely with our manufacturing partners and vendors to ensure they not only meet our standards, but to partner with them on implementing ways to improve and elevate conditions across the board.
Why we make it in Los Angeles | Made in USA fitness apparel
Founded by “Core Guru” and celebrity fitness trainer Linda LaRue in 2014, American Fitness Couture was fueled by the desire to create an environmentally driven brand that would meet the multiplicity of needs specific to women toggling between functional fitness crossover to street wear.


Domestic manufacturing is a founding pillar of American Fitness Couture. We proudly manufacture 100% of our fabric and garments in Los Angeles dramatically decreasing GHG emissions from transportation. Local manufacturing with low minimums dramatically reduces overproduction and allows us to support this vital and creative industry right here at home. Local manufacturing also allows us to ensure fair wages and working conditions for our team and ensures we are protecting biodiversity by manufacturing under California’s strict environmental protection laws.

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