About American Fitness Couture

Who We Are:

American Fitness Couture (AFC) is an environment-friendly, ethically responsible, premium activewear Company, founded, designed and run by women, made for ALL women! We get design and functional inspiration for our crossover, fitness to fashionable apparel from ‘listening to women.’ Women want it all…and deserve it!  Women, with busy, multi-tasking, active lives, want chic, upmarket and dual-purpose apparel that's affordably priced for working out and everything else in between.  

“We Are Women-centric”

Our beliefs run deep – if you pay attention to women’s core values in product purchase, what make women feel nurtured, beautiful, valued and heard – it’s pretty simple to innovate with an exceptional product that women will love! 

  •  We believe every woman has style, beauty and strength, even if she doesn’t know it yet.
  •  We believe fitness comes in all shapes and sizes.
  •  We love our curves—it’s what makes us real.
  •  We honor our laugh lines; they are hard earned badges of knowledge and wisdom.
  •  We support women and women owned businesses.
  •  We believe fitness couture will make you look your best and build your confidence. 

So maybe—just maybe—if you feel and look amazing, you’ll exude more confidence and being to take more chances to achieve and succeed when it comes to getting fit...and life... 

Our Philosophy:  Our company name, ‘American Fitness Couture,’ speaks to our vision of quintessential women’s fitness to fashion apparel, which meets the demand of a busy, contemporary American lifestyle – designed for multi-function, multi-venue, day to night activity, with conscious, responsible manufacturing practices  to protect mother earth, save water and reduce carbon footprint. 

American:  Our roots are sown in Los Angeles, CA.  We are an all-American made brand. We. Support “Made in the USA” in a sweatshop free, fair trade, employee valued, wage fair environment. Clothing made with good intention feels good!

Fitness:  Our mantra, ‘Wear It Well!’ Fitness clothing should move and breathe with your body as you move. Fitness couture begins with having ONLY the most high performance quality as well as superior, luxurious fabrics that hug every BODY with a perfect fit! 

Couture:  Who says fitness wear is only for the gym?Our aspiration, at the heart of our design, is all-purpose functionality; fitness wear that’s meant to be lived in for any and all occasions; be dressed up, dressed down or even slept in. We believe comfort, fashion and style are mutually synonymous when it comes to workout wear. 

Our Apparel Line:

Fashion + Function + Fitness = Your Second Skin

Why is American Fitness Couture in high demand?

  • Fits Every Body! Our mix ‘n match pieces contour to your body's shape and feel as comfortable as your own skin. 
  • Total Coverage! Our leggings pass the peek-a-boo “Bend Over” Test!
  • Made to Last! Incredibly durable Tactel®Nylon (the same nylon used in Bullet Proof Vests!), strong yet supple and ultra-soft!
  • Compression! Our custom knit textile has four-way stretch and recovery to make you feel pulled in just right, while helping to stabilize your muscles and assist in faster recovery 
  • Hold its Shape! Wash after wash, our tops and bottoms will maintain their original shape and color without bag or sag!
  • Antimicrobial! Patented CLEAN Silver Technology that intelligently fights the funk—despite your toughest, sweat sessions.

To learn more specific details about our AFC fabric, click here

The AFC Team

Founder -Linda LaRue, RN, MEd, ATC

The AFC story is heartfelt one, driven by the desire to be the change in women’s apparel. For those particularly who don’t exercise, part of the battle of getting to the gym is feeling good not only in your skin but in your clothes. Linda LaRue has been a ‘core guru’ and a top Hollywood A-list celebrity fitness trainer for over two decades. She has developed a very successful line of fitness videos and fitness equipment to help her clients and others stay on top of their game. Linda’s Core Transformer exercise program has proven to be a quick and effective way for both men and women to improve their core muscle strength and over-all health.

As a trainer spending hours daily in the gym, Linda was consistently hearing women’s dissatisfaction with fitness apparel – clothes that had too much sag, bag, too loosely woven (peek-a-boo!) and/or quickly showed wear and tear, losing shape and style. The other major complaint she heard was finding well-made, comfortable and flattering apparel to fit the ‘imperfect’ body but made you feel confident and fabulous when you wore it. “I have an athletic build, I’m certainly not a size 4 or even a 6,” says LaRue, however I’m fit!  “I have never met a woman who didn’t want to feel amazing in her clothes, including when she exercises---this quest has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry.”

In 2013, Linda made an abrupt career change and founded American Fitness Couture, fueled desire to create an environmentally driven brand that would meet the multiplicity needs, specific to women in the fitness crossover to street fashion wear.  On a deeper, more essential level, Linda believes when it comes to both health and the motivation to be fit, it matters not only what you put into your body, but also what you put on your body. Creating a high quality, ethically made line, American Fitness Couture, would fill this niche.

The AFC Design Team

Our design team cAmerican Fitness Couture Eco-Smart Ethically Made Activewearonsists of fitness-focused fashion designers, Exercise Physiologists who understand how the body moves in all planes of motion, and seasoned top-shelf pattern makers. Each carefully curated style in our collection is crafted to support and drape a woman to make her feel comfortable, move optimally, and of course, look beautiful.

                                                                                                                                                     Wear it Well Fitness Goddesses!