New Year, Get Fit Resolution: 3 Step Game Plan to Success

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If you’re feeling like you need to get back into the gym and clean up your eating—whether you’ve spent the holidays indulging a little or a lot—try this simple, New Year Get Fit 3 Step Game Plan to help you get back into shape, and your jeans.

1.  Cleanse. It’s hard to receive new and good, when you’re space is overly cluttered with old and/or bad. First Step, take stock, and responsibility of the past year acknowledging the positive and negative. Then, it’s time to Clean:

  • Your Personal Space, especially if you prefer to workout at home. Clean a 6”x6” space to move your body making sure to keep it clean and free always.
  • Your Heart & Spirit Space. Make a point to let go of the hurt, negative and anger of the past year. Try performing a meditation ritual to let go emotionally, and spiritually. Forgive, not for the offending parties sake, but so you can heal and allow your heart to open to receive better things. (*Remember what decisions led you to that unhappy hurtful place, so you can do a better job to self protect in the future.)
  • Your Refrigerator & Pantry including holiday candy, sweets, high calorie drinks and anything else unhealthy. Then, restock your fridge and pantry with whole, seasonal fresh foods, and to drink, plain old (filtered) water to help you detox. It’s best, and best of all free!
  • Your Computer Desktop & Emails. Take a couple of hours to clean your desktop and delete unnecessary or negative emails. Unsubscribe from email lists you don’t like or use, because they take up time you could be spending moving your body or working towards achieving other goals.
  • Your closet. Get rid of all your tired, old and worn out workout wear and shoes, since they don’t support or fit you properly. Shoe soles worn thin will cause foot strike issues that may cause knee, hip and back pain/injuries. Replace and update, with of course, a few of our best selling mix ‘n match tops and bottoms that perfectly contour to your body shape and feel as comfortable as your own skin to help boost your confidence. *Use COUPON CODE: GETFIT17 to receive 15% off your workout wardrobe. (We personally LUV our high waisted Bootleg Yoga Pants and leggings that help hide any tummy jiggle.)

2.  Recommit to your Workout Weight Loss Goals. Most of us let our workout routine and healthy eating slide over the holiday season. (Let’s face it; colder, bad weather makes it a lot more challenging to workout, especially if you prefer to exercise outside.) Try these suggestions to help inspire you to recommit:

  • Calendar your workouts. Like the saying goes, “Fail to plan. Plan to fail”. Download a Calendar App on your mobile device to schedule your weekly workouts. Ideally, try to commit to at least 3x/week. Begin with 20 to 30 minutes. Add 5-10 minutes to your workout each week aiming to increase your workout to at least 45 minutes to an hour within 4 weeks.
  • Join a gym. Have you heard of Class Pass? For one monthly fee, you can gym hop to pretty much every local gym, workout, yoga, barre and/or spin studio. It’s a great way to keep your workouts fresh giving you variety that will challenge your muscles to burn the most calories or “Muscle Confusion”. Keep going with Class Pass, or if you like a certain workout place, join it! (You can easily quit Class Pass, since it’s month-by-month membership only.)
  • Prefer to workout at home? Try these 2 fav streaming workout sites, Well Beats and Daily Burn. They’ve got hundreds of leading edge fitness instructors and are constantly adding workouts to keep your routine fresh and fun.
  • Create realistic weight loss goals. Safe, effective and recommended weight loss is 1-3 pounds per week. Begin by cleaning out your fridge and pantry. My favorite Healthy Meal Plan is the Souper Slim Meal Plan eBook. *Get a free copy by simply signing up for our Newsletter or Purchase by CLICKING HERE.

Soup Cleanse Weight Loss eBook, American Fitness Couture

3.  Create a Vision Board. Vision boards are a great way to help you imagine, and then manifest your goals. Athletes do it all the time to help them see and know where they’ll be during every part to their race event—and of course getting to the finish line first. It’s called Visualization. Click here to view How To Create a Vision Board article.