3 Reasons Why Yoga Helps You Lose Weight

3 Reasons Why Yoga Helps You Lose Weight-American-Fitness-Couture

Jill Miller is the creator of Yoga Tune Up®. She has over 2 decades of expertise in the movement arts, teaching classes, workshops and retreats internationally. She has appeared in more than 36 DVD programs, including Pranamaya’s Yoga Link: Easy Access to an Ageless Art, Gaiam’s Yoga for Weight Loss Workout Kit DVD, www.gaiam.com, and her Yoga Tune Up® Program for individuals and yoga teachers. For more information about Jill visit, www.yogatuneup.com.       

  1. Yoga helps you to be totally present. You can use mindfulness while you are eating, paying attention to the taste of food, and learning how to savor your bites instead of wolfing our food down unaware. Yoga teaches you to feel true satiation, instead of feeling stuffed.
  2. Yoga is a terrific calorie burning exercise that strengthens and tones every muscle of your body. It awakens deep muscles that you never knew existed! By recruiting all of the body’s muscles and using them to move the body in dynamic and static stretches, yoga uses more of the body more intelligently than many other exercise modalities. Couple that with correct breathing, proper posture, and relaxation techniques, and you have a system that acknowledges your total health every time you practice. Stressed out bodies are overloaded with cortisol, which packs on intra-abdominal fat. The stress reducing properties of yoga help you relax more effectively so that fat cannot accumulate.
  3. The physical changes from yoga are immediately evident. While your muscles burn, you begin to sweat, and feel looser and relaxed for hours afterwards. But it’s the mental transformation that really keeps the weight off. A mind tuned in to the body’s deeper thoughts and feelings about itself, is a mind that is no longer willing to accept extra weight, or excess mental baggage.