Why Buy American Made Clothing that is Ethically Made

Why Buy American Made Clothing that is Ethically Made

As we celebrate our country’s independence this month, we’d like to spotlight American made clothing. Did you know only about 2.5% of the clothing in the United States is actually made and manufactured here? Yep that’s right! The other 97-98 percent of clothing is made in other countries and imported. At American Fitness Couture, our clothing is completely manufactured in the United States including our buttery soft peak performance nylon/spandex fabric that is custom knit for us in Downtown LA. Our garments are proudly sewn in Los Angeles, CA, and are entirely sweatshop free. What are the benefits of American made clothing?

Eco Chic Clothing-American-Fitness-Couture Many foreign countries do not have safe working conditions for laborers, leaving them subject to very little pay and sweatshop conditions. Purchasing American made clothing ensures that workers have safe conditions and that strict child labor laws are in place. Moreover, you’re supporting American workers. Clothes made in America are also better for the environment. Clothing made in foreign countries is often done so using polluting processes that further damage the environment. When you live in the United States and purchase products made as local as possible, it lowers gas emissions needed to import products from other countries. Plus, American Fitness Couture works with eco-friendly garments contractors who recycle their fabric cutting, recycle their boxes and we all drive hybrid cars to boot. Our philosophy is to be healthfully made with good intention.

Sweat in American Fitness Couture

Working out and exercising should be a daily activity, and healthy living. It’s important to wear something that not only represents American pride and reinforces set labor laws and is better for our environment. (California has some of the toughest fair labor laws in the USA and highest minimum employee wages.)

Have fun celebrating America’s independence this month, and remember to sweat in your favorite American Made fitness brand – American Fitness Couture!