American Fitness Couture: Our MISSION STATEMENT


American Fitness Couture. Behind the Scenes

  • At American Fitness Couture our company was founded by women for women.
  • We believe every woman has style, beauty and strength—even if she doesn’t know it yet.
  • We support women and women owned businesses.
  • We believe fitness comes in all shapes and sizes.
  • We love our curves—it’s what makes us real.
  • We believe that our laugh lines are hard earned badges of knowledge and wisdom.
  • We believe Made in the USA in sweatshop free environments counts and matters—especially in these economic times.
  • We believe comfort, fashion and style are mutually synonymous— not exclusive terms.womens leggings
  • We believe that fitness clothing should move and breathe with your body–always.
  • We believe that fitness couture begins with having ONLY the most superior, luxurious fabrics.
  • We believe in a woman’s right to show what she wants to show, when it comes to fitness clothing.
  • We believe fitness couture will make you look your best and build your confidence. So maybe—just maybe—if you feel and look amazing, you’ll feel more confident about taking chances to Achieve and Succeed when it comes to getting fit. (AND everyplace else in the rest of your life too!)

Namaste Fitness Goddesses!