Heading to a festival this summer? Since most festivals are outdoors and it’s usually hot, many people opt for crop tops, short shorts, and cute summer strappy sleeveless dresses a la’ Coachella. Festival fashion is the perfect time to show off the hot body you’ve been working super hard for at the gym.

Getting fit for festival season involves hardcore ab workouts, leg and tushy toning, and sculpting your shoulders sleek and strong. Try this 30 Day Ab (Total Body Core) Challenge to help you get the Festival Fit Bod that will make you the envy of everyone: Do a daily circuit of plank/push ups, sit-ups, leg lifts and crunches. Then, finish your round with a combo squat to overhead shoulder press burpee using 5 to 7 pound weights 3-4x 30 seconds to shred, shed and sculpt your body lean. We promise you’ll notice a difference in no time and be ready to show off your killer abs—and the rest of your body too—in a cute crop top. To coincide with your 30 Day Ab Challenge, do the same with a lunge and squat series. Increase reps and/or up your resistance using weights, as it gets easier to keep from reaching a plateau. Keep in mind, you can’t spot reduce, so make sure you’re also getting in your cardio to lose weight/body fat all over. Try walking outside (hey the weather’s great ‘cause it’s summer) with 3-pound weights adding squat or lunge intervals for a great cardio core/resistance combo workout! Plus, walking outside is free—no expensive gym memberships required!