Wanted to give a status update on Lennon, our loving, soulful and smart Karma Rescue chow mix rescue. When he was brought in last week, he weighed 29 pounds. He was diagnosed with a significant skin staff infection (thus the black not pink skin and loss of hair), and his right ear was drooping. This was due to a pronounced hematoma most likely from violently shaking his head from flea, tick, lice and staff infestation.

Great news! This week his weight is now up to 32 pounds, and per his treating Vet, Dr. Pasternak (where he is being boarded and treated) his ear hematoma is resolving on its own from a bout of Keflex that is also resolving his skin infection. There is also a little bit of new hair growth and it is possible to see some pink, healthy skin. He still has a ways to go to reach a healthy weight, as his ribs and hip bones are still poking out along with his skin issue, but he’s getting healthier…and happier too:)!